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Water is vital to health, and is vital to life. We all need water for nourishment and to keep us alive. Good, clean water does more than just keep us alive though; it helps digestion, keeps our skin supple, flushes out toxins, refreshes us, and many others. What's more, it does all these things for us without making us pack unwanted weight because it has absolutely zero calories. With the ever-growing focus on health, people carefully watch what they put inside their bodies. There is now a huge following for all natural, organic food items because it has been established in many clinical studies, as well as in actual experience that all-natural, organic food is much better for your health than highly processed food that may contain unwanted chemicals, pesticides, growth hormones, and others which may have lasting harmful effects on your health. Here at The Sand Rock Mineral Water Company, we believe that if you want nothing less than good food for your body, you should also demand nothing less than genuine pure drinking water for better health.

With over 100 years of providing pure and clean bottled water service to Canton, Ohio and surrounding areas, we are your trusted clear choice for bottled water delivery and Reverse Osmosis rentals. Sand Rock is dedicated to providing nothing less than the best products and services at the best prices, it's easy to see why we've lasted this long in the industry. We serve hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes, hotels, and others that need pure and clean water for patients, guests and residents.

If you're looking for the best that Canton, Ohio and surrounding areas has to offer in bottled water service, or the best Reverse Osmosis rentals, there's only one name to remember...

The Sand Rock Mineral Water Company!

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